Over 28 thousand people visited Here Where You Wish  in the summer of 2018. HWYW is a public art collaboration by visual artists Ryan Wilks, Ari Fish, and Sean Prudden. The music component: a symphony crafted entirely from the audio recordings of wine glasses, was composed, performed and recorded by Tim J. Harte (akadungeonmaster).   


Entering through a labyrinth of sheer, flowing fabric, the public is led to hand-built, meticulously painted public altar; a safe and sacred space inviting personal expression and reflection. Visitors are encouraged to leave an object of personal significance and to write down a wish. Leave the wish and the object at the altar to become part of an immersive installation that encourages everyone to believe, if just for a second, that what we most desire can and will come true if we are bold enough to confide it.


The Here Where You Wish altar will be up through mid-June 2018 and will grow substantially in its aesthetic as people leave behind a wish on paper and/or an object. Regularly, Wilks will roll up the paper wishes and tie them to hundreds of feather sculptures rotating above the altar, stirring the energy of the wishes. Here Where You Wish intends to provide a space for internal dialogue, reflection and restoration of hope. Additionally, Wilks has plans to utilize and honor the objects people leave in the space by publishing a book, which will be a literary and visual documentation of what Kansas City is wishing for in 2018. 


**Objects left on the altar will not be returned. Please do not leave anything behind that you want back.

Special Thank you to Ada Koch, Andersen Ritsch, Marcia Eptstein, Katie Mcliney, Jillian Younbird, Mother Russia Industries, Jearmy Zimmerman.